ERAround the World 2019

Landscapes, Portraits, Nature & Animals, Architecture

A photo exhibition by ERA employees
Exhibition period 20 September – 19 November 2019

About the exhibition:

A group of photographically ambitious ERA employees has now joined forces for the second time to present a selection of very different photos to a wider audience as part of an exhibition in their workplace. „ERAround the World“ is not a collection of photographs that would have been taken during ERA events. The pictures taken in different parts of the world reflect the very personal interests and experiences of each ERA photographer.

Photographs by

  • Tanja Bernhardt
  • Tatsiana Bras-Conçalves
  • Daphne Doeve
  • Sabine Framing
  • Angelika Fuchs
  • Philipp Gonder
  • Florence Hartmann-Vareilles
  • Eva Healy
  • Wolfgang Heusel
  • Stephanie Hoffmann
  • Mikolaj Jarosz
  • Sanja Jovicic
  • Heike Kappes-Schäfer
  • Anastasia Patta
  • Sven Peschel
  • Jean-Philippe Rageade
  • Karolina Rokicka
  • Christiane Schmitz
  • Karin Wenzel

Opening on Friday, 20 September 2019, at 18:00 in the foyer of the Academy of European Law

Opening hours of the exhibition: Mon-Thu: 09:00-17:00 Fri: 09:00-16:00


The premises of the ERA are ideally suited as a setting for temporary art exhibitions. The spacious foyer, the bright cafeteria and the glass gallery added in 2011 offer space and ideal lighting conditions for the appropriate presentation of paintings, graphics, photographs, sculptures and other works of art. Since 1999, the ERA has shown 86 exhibitions of art works by European artists.